Virus Removal and Computer Security

Did you realize the bad guys may be the kids next door?  Statistics are showing the most 13 year old kids have the basic knowledge to write malicious code that was perplexing to the experts of just 10 years ago. Most of the kids out there are just out to reek havoc, but other’s have much more sinister intentions.

Companies like Walt Disney, Yahoo, Youtube, and even the beloved Facebook have found themselves hiring entire departments and teams that solely focus on guarding their web servers and sites from the evil that lurks only 3 clicks from nearly any legitimate website. 

We have a number of customers that have done away with the biggest target of the hacker community, Internet Explorer. Programs like Chrome and FireFox have risen to the forefront because of their use of open code and new higher and more secure industry standard security.  

Still some have dropped the Microsoft platform all together.  Operating systems like Linux and Chrome OS are becoming the new standard and the new “cool.”  But not only do they look good,  they even rival the ease of usability of Windows 7 and 8.  And what is the best part you may ask?  They are FREE!  Yes, I said free.  You can download a copy of Linux by simply going to google and typing in “Ubuntu” (which is the flavor of Linux that most end users find the most useful). 


You may not know this, but Linux 12 will actually run on a standard 3ghz single core or any dual core processor.  Huh?  That old Windows XP you were gonna put in the yard sale next weekend- now you can use it again.

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Service Pricing

  1. Hourly remote rates @ $95 per hour

  2. Re-install of Windows (recovering data) @ $175.00 per device

  3. Re-install of Windows (no recovering data) @ $125.00 per device

  4. Diagnosis or Bench Fee @ $49.00