Phoenix Cabling Contractors

The Phoenix cabling contractors at HuggTech have run well over 30 miles of Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cabling here in Arizona so far. No job is too big or too small. We have a specially trained team we loving call THE CABLE DAWGS, that does nothing but cabling.  

We would love to help you realize how much faster cable connections are compared to wireless. Even though the 802.11 realm has made huge strides in speed over the last few years, the difference in the two is almost the same as the difference in walking to New York from Arizona, or driving your car.

Telco, Computer Cabling, Coax, Security Cameras, we have done it all. We are your “go to” Phoenix Cabling Contractors.  

Before HuggTech

Before HuggTech

Would you believe that a tangled mess of wires is actually slower than a group of finely manicured and ordered cable wrap?  The problem is that often these jumbles of old wires may appear to be doing just fine, just one cross connected or old cracked cable can cause your network to be slower and drop packets, and yes- cause you to lose data.

Did you know the difference between someone typing “yes” and typing “no” in an email is only 1 digit? How would you like to get an email where you see them telling you no, when the answer was actually yes!

After HuggTech

After HuggTech

Hugg Tech is able to take something that you might think is hopeless, and give it a new life.  Don’t start over from scratch, call us to get a quote and a cheaper solution today.   

We have walked into situations where everyone else was telling them it was a problem that could be solved for $10,000.   After a visit from our trained professionals, we have been able to do the impossible.  Just because they want to charge you an arm and a leg, you don’t have to give it to them.   

We have had a number of companies moving into new offices, just to find out that the previous tenant cut all of the wiring in the computer room.  They have beautiful outlets in the offices, but a big bundle of butchered copper where their equipment needs to go.

Did that recently happen to you?  Fret not!   Make the phone call today. Find out just how close you are to a fast network.  No regrets, No reserves.   We have been able to get these fixed, tested, and back on track.  

Call today and see what you’ve been missing. 


>> Punch downs @ $6 each

>> Cat 6 available

>> Fiber runs also available (contact us for a quote)