HuggTech does Audio

and Video! 




Since the middles 80’s, when in a prior life we DJ’d for a living, HuggTech does it up right for audio and video for the 21st century. Good quality sound is like good food.  You know it as soon as you taste it.  It goes just the same for bad sound.  You know it right away.  The 80’s were all about loud.  These days, it takes a perfect balance of sound and video to capture and keep people’s attention.  


With the technology of today, you would be surprised how intertwined audio and video is to computers and networking.  Most mobile DJ’s only carry around a laptop and a mixer, and that’s it.






Audio at your office is much the same.  The old days when you could just pipe in audio from the radio is close to gone.  To capture the ears and minds of this generation takes a special and unique approach.  

HuggTech has partnered with TPI of Chandler to provide the best solutions for a price that can’t be touched!  Places like World of Beer and Willow Massage of Gilbert have entrusted their audio and video needs to HuggTech. 


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