Virtual Cloud Servers

What is this “Cloud Thing” everyone talking about? 

Well, to be honest with you.  It is how everyone will be doing business in the coming years.  The days of buying an expensive server and having a company to keep it maintained, updated, secure, and clean are quickly coming to a close.

Small and medium sized companies worldwide are moving to the cloud to have huge high tech data centers house their most precious assets.  Their data.

It turns out to be much less expensive to let them hold onto the hardware. In other words, having HuggTech manage the service remotely for you is much cheaper.  We have already started doing that for a number of our customers with huge results and enormous savings.  


Here are some of the benefits:

  • Remote office services from Google Professional services.
  • Google Cloud email solution to replace Microsoft Small Businesses servers.
  • Google cloud shared email and calendar services.
  • Google cloud drive storage.
  • Full Google app suite.
  • HuggTech remote administrated at $149 per month for up to 4 users. $199 per month for 5 to 10 users. $249 a month for up to 20 users. HuggTech plan includes 2 hours of remote administration per month for user and security administration to your cloud site.

We have had a number of customers save thousands of dollars by having key employees work from home, instead of taking up space in an already tight office.  

One customer is using their new Cloud Service from their smart phones while they are 200 feet up in the air, welding on cell towers from their Droid cell phones.  Way to do it Sunland Welding! 

Find out how The Cloud can fit into your future and not only help you work faster, but help you work smarter.

 Want to Cloud today? Contact us!