Legal Preparation and Network Security

Have you wondered what your employees are doing when the boss is not around?  How about that employee that seems to be keeping too many secrets on YOUR COMPUTERS and always changes the screen when you walk up?  

When an employee says they have a lot of “personal information” on their company computer, what does that mean?  Not sure how to find out, and not even sure what their password is for your computer?  We have answers! 

Technology being what it is today, the bad guys don’t even have to be sitting in front of your computer to have access to them. Physical access is no longer the primary point of access for bad things to happen.  We have worked for a number of new customers just in the last 18 months that have had many thousands of dollars pilfered by employees that had been skimming dollars right off the top, and on one particular occasion, it had been happening for 6 months before HuggTech was brought in to figure out the dirty truth. 

HuggTech has done this kind of work for nearly 20 years now, and we currently maintain a Top Secret US Government clearance, that does get used from time to time.  We have had exclusive training from the NSA and other agencies we are not at liberty to mention-  to uncover, monitor, and expose those dirty little secrets that don’t get talked about when the boss is around. 

Would you believe that we had a top business in Mesa that did over $1m per month had an employee in their HR department that was using their office computer to host a porn site?

By day, a normal computer.  By night, well, you get the idea. Doing this as many years as we have, you know- the truth is always more bizarre than fiction. 

Call us today to find out how easy a perimeter check on your network actually is.  How hard it really is to gain access to your “private network?”  You would be amazed.  We have walked into what was thought to be fairly secure work environments, only to have full access to an HR department, or to confidential files in less than 5 minutes.  

HuggTech has served as expert witnesses and have assisted in gathering data for nearly $500k in cases of people who didn’t have their companies best interest at heart.


HuggTech has a relationship with DFA Solutions.  Need a background check?  They can do it, and uncover the risk before you give away the keys to your business.  Call Doug for more information.