If you have been given the link to this, that means you are now part of the team.  Welcome and get ready.  We ride hard, and long and we don’t stop till the job is done. 


Below are some forms you will want to make sure you have filled out and sent back to Rob@huggtech.com .  Old school for now guys.  Print them out and get them back to Rob manually. Call Rob @ 480-329-3848 if you need the fax #. 

  1. Employment Application
  2. Non-Compete Agreement
  3. Tax Forms

So who is everyone on the team?


The Phoenix Team


Alicia Huggins: Owner, Operations Manager 

Tim Huggins: Owner, Technical Manager, Marketing

Robbi Ortiz: Office and Field Manager 

Angel Huggins: Web Designer, Marketing

Josiah Huggins: Business Operations Manager

The Tucson Team: