HuggTech has been a proud member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce for nearly a year now, and I can delightfully say, those guys over there ROCK!

If you are wondering what it feels like to be around people that share a desire to succeed and to be all that they can be, then you need to give those folks a call @ the Chamber.  They put excitement back into the day to day of owning and running your own business.  We work with a team that brings dedication to an all new level.  Just below are a few of our “partners” in the chamber that help make HuggTech who they are today.

These mild mannered folks are called the Gilbert Power Team.  This group of what would appear to be normal Americans, approach the status of superhero’s by referring to each other, nearly $1.5m in sales in 2013.  They are in the process of exceeding that number this year.  

How?  We watch our for each other in our own sphere of the world and look for opportunities for others that arise in the day to day of us doing our own businesses.  GIVERS GAIN is our motto.  Everyone in this group owns or manages their own company, and we help one another succeed! 


Want to find out more on how to be this successful?  Contact the Gilbert Chamber today to see how superhero’s get ‘er done.