Why Cox?

Hugg Tech Computers and Cox go back years now.  We have helped customers go from super slow 1Mb internet connections to super speedy standard 25Mb lines.  Many times we do this for less than what they were paying for their old connections. 1Mb, 25Mb, what is the difference?  Well, its kinda like the difference between these two cars.  The Fiat is your internet speed using other carriers, The Vette in the background is Cox.  



Our team at COX has the ability to get things done.  We have worked with Dave Engelbreston for years now, and If Dave can’t do it, it can’t be done.  You can reach him via email @  david.engelbretson@cox.com  or via phone @ 602-694-1942 . 

Faster internet is only a click away.  Find out now!  Tell Dave that HuggTech sent you over.